Health Promotion and Maintenance Practice Test: NCLEX-RN

Welcome to NCLEX-RN Health Promotion and Maintenance practice test #3! We’re glad you’re here! We offer five practice tests in Health Promotion and Maintenance. Each test has 20 questions that cover the important topics of this NCLEX-RN category. As you prepare for your appointment, we recommend taking every Nurse.plus practice test at least twice. Each time, the questions and the four options will shuffle into a new random order. You can pause or restart the practice test at any time. In this practice test, you will find questions in the following subcategories: High-risk behavior, Intranatal care, Lifestyle choices, Developmental stages, and Physical assessment. Give yourself plenty of time to study before your NCLEX-RN exam. Choose one of our practice tests simply by clicking on it. Just like the actual exam, there are multiple choice questions. Read each question carefully and try to think of the correct answer before looking at the choices. Need a hint? Click on the Hint button under the fourth choice. You’ll get a clue about which option is correct. If you make the wrong selection, we provide instant feedback by giving you an explanation that will help you remember the answer. We hope you will take each test several times. Every time, the questions are arranged in a different order, just like using flashcards. You will learn better and remember more. The questions are similar to those you’ll encounter when you sit for your exam, so you can feel confident about your studies. You will like watching your progress on each practice test. At the top left corner of the computer screen, look for the grey grid with numbers. As you finish each question, the squares will turn green with correct responses, or red with incorrect ones. Under the grid is a bar that says, “Restart the Test.” You may begin each test as many times as you wish.

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