NCLEX Health Promotion and Maintenance Practice Test 2019

Welcome to the second Nurse.plus NCLEX-RN practice test for Health Promotion and Maintenance. Health Promotion and Maintenance covers a range of important subjects. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing describes it: “The nurse provides and directs nursing care of the client that incorporates knowledge of expected growth and development principles; prevention and/or early detection of health problems, and strategies to achieve optimal health.” To help you prepare, this practice test has 20 questions covering: Developmental stages and transitions, Disease prevention, Intranatal care, High-risk behaviors, and Health promotion. When you take the NCLEX-RN practice test, each question will have four options. Read the question carefully before selecting the answer. If you make a mistake, the correct answer and rationale will immediately pop up. Take time to read the rationale and take notes. This will help you learn, as well as remember for the next time you take the practice test. You can go to the next question whenever you’re ready. To help you even more, you can track your progress during the practice test. In the upper left corner of your computer screen, you will see a numbered grid. With each question, the squares of the grid will turn green with your correct answers or red with the incorrect ones. At any time, you can click on the “Restart the test” button under the grid. The questions and options will go into a new random order. We recommend that you take all the Nurse.plus practice tests several times. You will become comfortable with the format and more confident when you arrive for your own NCLEX-RN examination.
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