NCLEX Safe and Effective Care Environment Practice Test

Welcome to the second NCLEX-RN practice test for Safe and Effective Care Environment. This category covers a wide range of topics that nurses need to provide and direct the best possible care for their clients. Going beyond giving and overseeing direct care, nurses serve as patient advocates, as well as ensuring legal and ethical compliance with nursing and medical standards. Year after year, the Gallup poll ranks nursing as the #1 profession for honesty and ethical standards. Topics covered in this practice test include Incident Reporting, Legal Responsibilities, Establishing Priorities, Emergency Response Plan, and Infection Control. Read each of the 20 questions carefully! There are four possible choices for the answer. Some test candidates like to eliminate one or two of the wrong choices. Others like to think about all the choices before deciding. If you are uncertain, click on the Hint button below the fourth option to get a one-sentence clue. When you select an answer, if it’s wrong, you will find out immediately. The explanation for the correct answer will show, so you can read it and find out more. When you’re ready, you can go to the next questions. Take notes if you want, to reinforce your learning. One of the fun things about Nurse.plus practice tests is following your progress for each test at the top left corner of the computer. Before you begin, the numbered grid is grey. As you proceed through the questions, the squares will turn green for correct answers, and red for incorrect responses. Underneath the grid you’ll see a bar that says “Restart the test.” You can click on the bar to start over at any time.

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