NCLEX-RN Practice Test for Physiological Integrity (2019)

Welcome to the fifth NCLEX-RN Practice Test for Physiological Integrity! As you prepare, practice with randomly generated or shuffled questions, as we have here. Questions are not delivered by subject content, but from the entire range of possible topics. They follow no logical sequence. Study to learn and understand, not to memorize. The NCLEX-RN is based on knowledge and application, not on specific facts that you will be asked to recall. Also, experts recommend studying difficult material before going to sleep. Sleep seems to reinforce the subject matter. Questions on this practice test include the following topics: Non-Pharmacological Comfort Interventions, Laboratory Values, Medical Emergencies, Changes/Alterations in Vital Signs, and Therapeutic Procedures. When you’re ready to take any of the NCLEX-RN practice tests, just pick the one you want. At the top left of the screen, you’ll see a grid with the number of questions for the test. As you finish each question, the box will turn green if your answer is correct and red if it is incorrect. You can pause or restart the practice test at any time. Each question has four possible choices for the correct answer. Do not rush! Read the question carefully and try to choose the correct response before looking at the options. If you need help, click on the Hint button that is located under the last choice. A sentence will popup to give you a clue. If you make the correct choice, you can go straight to the next question. If your choice is incorrect, you will get an instant explanation so you can understand the mistake. Keep a list of questions or topics that you need to learn more about. Thank you for letting us help you prepare for your 2019 NCLEX-RN!

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