FREE NCLEX-RN Psychosocial Integrity Practice Questions

Welcome to the third NCLEX-RN practice test for Psychosocial Integrity! As a Registered Nurse, no matter which care setting you choose, you will care for patients and clients who require support during stressful life events. Knowing how to assess behaviors and provide appropriate nursing interventions that promote the emotional and social well-being for patients is essential. Some of the topics covered by these practice questions include Mental health concepts, Behavioral interventions, Substance abuse disorders, Abuse/Neglect, and Sensory/Perceptual alterations. Nurse.plus helps you study for your NCLEX-RN by offering practice tests on each of the four categories. It’s easy to do! Start by selecting a practice test. Read each question carefully! There are four possible choices for the answer. Some test candidates like to eliminate one or two of the wrong choices. Others like to think about all the choices before deciding. If you are uncertain, click on the Hint button below the fourth option to get a one-sentence clue. When you select an answer, it will automatically go to the next question if the answer is correct. It it’s wrong, you will find out immediately. The explanation for the correct answer will show, so you can read it and find out more. Taking notes will reinforce your learning. You can follow your progress for each practice test at the top left corner of the computer. Before you begin, the numbered grid is grey. As you proceed through the questions, the squares will turn green for correct answers, and red for incorrect responses. Underneath the grid you’ll see a bar that says “Restart the test.” You can click on the bar to start over at any time. Make time every day to study for your NCLEX-RN. Each time you retake these practice tests, the questions and choices will reshuffle. Repeating the tests will help you gain confidence. Thank you for choosing to become a Registered Nurse. We salute your decision!

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