NCLEX-RN Practice Test: Psychosocial Integrity

This NCLEX-RN Practice Test on Psychosocial Integrity covers nursing care related to the emotional and social health of every client or patient. Providing support to clients who are experiencing medical challenges, stressful life events, or interpersonal difficulties is one of the nurse’s responsibilities. These 20 questions cover a variety of topics that may be included on your NCLEX-RN examination: Grief and loss, End-of-life care, Cultural awareness, Crisis intervention, and Mental health concepts. The Psychosocial Integrity category also contains questions on Therapeutic Communications. As you study for your exam, remember that the best response usually focuses on the client’s feelings, not on giving advice or avoiding the situation. It’s always best for the nurse to be honest and direct, even when discussing difficult topics. Look for options that include active listening, as well as remaining nonjudgmental of the client. As you take each practice test, read the questions carefully. Each of these questions has four options. It can be helpful to think of the response before reading the options. If you are not sure, click on the Hint button underneath the options to read a phrase or sentence that can help you choose the correct answer. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! The correct response will be displayed, along with an explanation to help you understand. Move to the next question when you’re ready. Track your progress on the upper left corner of the screen. Your correct answers will be in green. You can pause or restart a practice test at any point. Each time, the questions and the options are reshuffled into a new order. The test is different each time!
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